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About us

Proud and solid family owned company situated in The Netherlands.

BSI Shipping

BSI Shipping Company is one of the subsidiaries of the parent company BSI. BSI Shipping Company established its business in September 1989 and started with one office in Rotterdam – Holland and one office in Tripoli - Libya.

Our company headquarters is located in Rotterdam, because:

  • Rotterdam port is one of the biggest ports in Europe;
  • Rotterdam port uses also as a transit port (transshipment) to other European countries;
  • Rotterdam port is near to Antwerp port (Belgium), which makes it easier for us to follow up the shipping process of our clients’ shipments in both ports.

BSI Trade

BSI Trade is a proud and solid family owned company situated in The Netherlands. We specialize in the export and distribution of fast moving consumer goods with a special focus on high quality premium food products. We represent A-brands and distribute commodity products like sugar, salt and coffee. Our business partners operate in food services, manufactories, the retail business and import and export.

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