BSI Shipping

Containers, vehicles, heavy equipment and livestock

BSI Shipping

In addition to our 30 years of experience in the shipping of all types of goods globally, we work with the most reliable and experienced shipping lines.

Our company deals with everything related to the shipping and shipping documentation of all types of goods around the world. These include containers, vehicles, heavy equipment and livestock. BSI shipping company is the sole company who is specialized in door-to-door transport from the exporting country to any place in Libya (from the export country to your warehouse in Libya)

We also take care of all shipping documents concerning the shipment of our clients, such as:

  • Export/import documents
  • Customs documents
  • Bill of lading B/L
  • Financial documents

We follow up on our client’s shipments from the moment we receive the shipment documents (electronically or by post) up until the discharging port. Here we keep our clients up to date with the latest information about ETA (estimated time of arrival), vessel name and the discharging port.

In-house logistic services
Our in-house logistic services, BSI Shipping can arrange shipment to any port in the world for you, on CFR terms.

We maintain a close relationship with our freight forwarders, who keep us well informed about the developments in ocean freight and offer us the best rates.

The majority of our goods are shipped in bulk and our primary customer groups are wholesale and industry. We can also combine various products in one load if required by our clients.